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Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional Dragon Legal & Dragon Professional have both just released version 15 Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal 15 and Professional are now up to 15% more accurate than the previous versions, and offers you more flexibility to work more effectively. With a redesigned interface that's simpler to understand, a user-friendly microphone detection system, and an intelligence boost to the smart formatting module, Dragon Naturally Speaking proves it can handle more than just speedy document creation. Dragon NaturallySpeaking 15, allows you to stop dictating into a tape recorder, only to wait for someone to transcribe your words. Dragon allows you to speak directly into a PC, and watch as your finished document immediately appears right before your eyes. Create documents, capture ideas quickly with dictation and get more done on your computer.   Turn time savings into cost savings for your company with Dragon 15 Professional. Do things that may have taken you hours in the past, in minutes.  You can talk much faster than you can type or write. Be more productive by typing by voice at speeds up to 160 words per minute. Plus this frees both your hands and eyes to move through your source documents while you continue to dictate and work. Create memos, letters, reports, notes, or any other type of document, by just talking! Dictate using Dragon from any location Dictate into a digital recorder from anywhere, then have it transcribe directly from the recorder to your PC screen, or to your transcriptionist's PC!  That makes your transcriptionist more productive, allowing them to edit and help you with content, rather than just typing your words. Use a digital recorder to dictate notes after a meeting, when ideas are fresh in your mind. Create finished letters and memos from the middle of a traffic jam. Be more productive from anywhere at anytime. Instantly type standard text, at your command Create “boilerplate text” that will be inserted into your document when you say custom command names, such as “insert standard closing.” Plus say abbreviations of your choosing and your PC will type the corresponding Person or Companies Name, standard clauses, e-mail address, or any other text you often use. Be more productive immediately The system immediately learns your vocal patterns, and then allows you to start creating finished documents faster than you ever imagined possible. It is easy to use, and incredibly accurate. Always ready to work for you The system is ready to handle your typing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It will work for you at the Office, out of town, while commuting to work, or typing your documents from home. Contact us: info @ Copyright 2020 A1 Productivity Products. All Rights Reserved. Experts with Dragon Dictate Dragon NaturallySpeaking (also known as Dragon Speak or Dragon Talk) and Dragon Medical Practice 4, for the past 30 years.  Serving San Diego California County, Southern California, Las Vegas, Nevada and the Western United States
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