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Microphones and Digital Recorders We fully test the available products, and provide you with the best for gaining maximum productivity and accuracy! Wireless "Laptop" Headset: This headset includes a USB adapter and the snap on headset attachments, allowing you to wear multiple ways.  Over either ear (like a cell phone blue tooth headset - with the included  3 different size ear loops), with a loop that fits behind your head, or the traditional over the head snap on loop. This system allows you to move within a 150 foot radius, without getting tangled up in wires. The battery provides 5 1/2 hours, but we include a charger and snap on battery, giving you unlimited dictation time. It is perfect for use at the office, or on the road. $295. Wireless "Desktop" Headset: This has the same features and quality as the "Laptop" headset above, but this model lets you dictate into Dragon, and with the same headset, talk on your desk phone and with your cell phone.  An included snap on battery is always charging in the base, so you never run out of power! $390 USB Desktop Microphone:  This desktop microphone with 15” boom, with 3 way button, selectable three functions Push button (Always On, Push to Talk and Push to Lock), is a perfect hands free solution.  The microphone has built-in noise canceling, making it perfect for use with Dragon Naturally Speaking.  $285 Powermic III Hand held Microphone: Corded USB Microphone, that is perfect for quickly dictating throughout the day, without having to take on and off a headset.  It has a noise canceling microphone, roller ball mouse, and mouse click buttons. $424 Mono Headset: This headset provides excellent noise canceling features, that cuts out background noise. The bendable boom, allows you to correctly position the microphone element at the exact corner of your mouth.  That feature might appear to be an obvious requirement, but many headsets have a stiff unbendable tube, moving the microphone so it can't pick up your words correctly.  $34 Brands of Recorders We Carry We carry all the digital recorders that are certified to work with Dragon including, Sony, Olympus, Phillips, Olympus, and Dictaphone Contact us: info @ Copyright 2020 A1 Productivity Products. All Rights Reserved. Experts with Dragon Dictate Dragon NaturallySpeaking (also known as Dragon Speak or Dragon Talk) and Dragon Medical Practice 4, for the past 30 years.  Serving San Diego California County, Southern California, Las Vegas, Nevada and the Western United States
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